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Tyres Marden

Is Marden, a hamlet in Kent borough located 8 miles south of Maidstone your daily route to the office

Then connect with Mobile Tyres by Andy for any tyre or wheel-related emergency. Drive for about 10 miles via the A192 to reach at the earliest.

Why us?

If you are too busy to visit our garage to replace your car’s tyres, we recommend opting for our mobile tyre-fitting Marden.

However, before booking tyres Marden online, read below to get a brief understanding of the different types of tyres:

Summer Tyres: These types of tyres are manufactured using hard rubber compounds. Their shallow tread depths provide excellent traction on dry roads during the hot summer times.

4x4 Tyres: 4x4 tyres feature aggressive tread patterns, making them the ideal choice for SUVs.

Run-flat Tyres: These tyres provide structural support to your vehicle after punctures, ensuring safe travel distances.

Winter Tyres: Winter tyres are made using soft rubber compounds. Their deeper treads provide optimum traction while driving on slippery and snowy roads.

Other types of tyres we deal in:

  • All-season Tyres
  • Performance Tyres
  • Light Commercial Tyres

In case of budgetary constraints, we always recommend our customers to choose from our wide range of cheap tyres Marden. We are one of the most sought-after destinations for your budget “tyres near me” searches.

Call 07511 920756 to seek expert assistance.

Hofmann Wheel Alignment

Is your car pulling towards one side even while driving in a straight line? Noticing uneven tread wear in the tyres?

We use modern 3D sensors and cameras to identify the faulty angles (camber, caster & toe) and realign them as per the manufacturer's specifications.

Wheel Balancing

Experiencing compromised steering manoeuvrability with odd vibrations even while driving on smooth roads?

Get in touch with Mobile Tyres by Andy to get the wheel balancing of your vehicle checked. We use eco-friendly counterweights to rectify the imbalance of the wheels.

24/7 Callout Service

Afraid of getting stranded in the middle of the roads with damaged tyres?

Just give us a call and convey to us the location of your emergency, and our mechanics shall reach your location swiftly. After a thorough inspection of the damaged tyres, our mechanics shall either conduct the necessary repairs or go for a complete tyre replacement as per the requirement.

Our other services include:

  • Puncture Repair
  • Summer/ Winter Tyre Swap
  • TPMS Replacement
  • Nitrogen Inflation

For quotes and queries, talk to us at

Opening Times

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  • Sunday closed - closed