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Michelin Tyres

Based in France, Michelin is a multinational automobile conglomerate. It is one of the largest tyre manufacturing brands in the world. The company also enjoys the reputation of inventing removable tyres, a Pneus trial and radial tyres.

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Michelin tyres we retail

Your vehicle requires specific tyre variants to keep the road game intact with changing driving conditions. So we retail:

Summer variant: PILOT SPORT 5

The 5th-generation sports summer tyre from Michelin is an ideal choice for warm weather. They offer optimal braking performance on wet and dry surfaces. Moreover, with Dual Sport Tread Design and longitudinal grooves, these tyres ensure better traction as you drive.

Winter variant: PILOT® ALPIN® 5™

These tyres have the latest tread compound, which is polymer-integrated. Consequently, these models offer enhanced braking performance and grip on snowy surfaces. Additionally, its directional tread pattern with a central groove can drain the ice away from the contact patch.

All-season variant: PRIMACY™ TOUR A/S

The tyre models ensure steering stability and car control year-round. Moreover, with its ComfortControl with PIANO Noise Reduction Tuning technology, you enjoy a noiseless driving experience.

We also retail:

  • Performance Tyres
  • 4x4 Tyres
  • Run-flat Tyres

Some of our other bestselling Michelin tyre models are:


You can use our website to book tyres online from us. Or opt for mobile tyre fitting services during checkout.

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