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Are you looking for Tyre Pressure Check for your vehicle?

Every car has their ideal air pressure, We can check your vehicle to see what its correct pressure needs to be and reset if nessarcy . Driving with over or under inflated tyres can cause un even tyre wear, ending your tyres life earlier as well as a safety factor. Correct tyre pressure increases fuel efficiency too. Industry experts suggest getting your vehicle’s tyre pressure checked once every month.

At Mobile Tyres By Andy, we use digital tyre pressure gauges to check your car tyre’s inflation level and adjust as needed. So, stop searching for a ‘tyre pressure check near me’ and contact us today at 07511 920756 or

Why shouldn’t you use over or under-inflated car tyres?

There can be numerous adverse effects of using car tyres with inadequate air pressure levels, like:

  • Decreased cornering precision
  • Increased risk of a tyre blowout
  • Reduced tyre road contact area
  • Loss of steering stability
  • Uneven and excessive tread wear
  • Poor braking efficiency

So don’t think twice and visit us at Station garage, Front Street, Bebside, Jett petrol station, NE24 4HT to get tyre pressure check Blyth for your vehicle.

What services do we offer?

Our tyre pressure gauge offers an accurate reading of the inflation level. For under-inflated car tyres, we check for leakage and deliver a prompt solution. However, if there is no leakage, we use a cutting-edge pump to re-inflate the tyre.

Alternatively, we push down the metal pin on the valve stem to release the extra air for over-inflated tyres. Note that we refer to the tyre placard or your car’s owner manual to have an all-inclusive understanding of the manufacturer-specified tyre pressure level.

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