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Are you looking for Tyres Size for your vehicle?

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Then make sure, you know the right tyre size for your respective vehicle model. The tyre size is clearly visible on the tyre’s sidewall and is an alphanumeric code.

Automobile experts strictly recommend not altering the tyre size as it can affect the overall vehicle performance and jeopardise your driving safety.

Let us understand what this tyre size code means with the help of an example:

205/55 R 16 87 W

The elements of this tyre size code are as follows:

205: It refers to the width of a car tyre in millimetres.

55: This number denotes the aspect ratio of a tyre and is represented as a percentage of its width.

R: This refers to the radial (the most common) construction of a tyre. Other types of tyre construction are bias-belt (B) and diagonal cross-ply (D).

16: It is the rim diameter of a tyre and is expressed in inches.

87: It refers to the load index of a car tyre. Here, it means that this particular model can sustain a load of 1201 lbs (545 kg) when fully inflated.

V: Letter ‘V’ refers to the speed index of a tyre. Here, it means that the tyre can sustain a maximum speed of 149 mph when fully inflated.

You should read your car's handbook to know the vehicle-specific details.

You should be especially careful when buying a used car.

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