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Are you looking for TPMS Replacement for your vehicle?

TPMS or Tyre Pressure Monitoring System is a modern automobile technology that assesses the air pressure level in a tyre and sends warning signals when the pressure drops below 25%. Further, this device is compulsory for all vehicles manufactured after November 2014.

Do you see the TPMS warning light flashing on the vehicle dashboard?

In such a case, come to us at Mobile Tyres by Andy as we offer TPMS replacement Blyth at market-best rates.

What factors lead to damaged TPMS?

TPMS sensors usually last for five to ten years. However, this device may suffer damage before the mentioned time due to several reasons, including:

Physical damage

TPMS sensors work in harsh environments, such as extreme temperatures and vibrations. These factors affect the transmission coils in the TPMS and cause damage. Consequently, they fail to give real-time data.


Most vehicle manufacturers install TPMS sensors on aluminium stem valves. As a result, they catch dirt and grease that lead to oxidation. It can lead to corrosion of the TPMS and affect its efficiency drastically.

Dying batteries

Drained TPMS batteries fail to deliver accurate results. Further, most TPMS sensors have fixed batteries. In such a case, we recommend you opt for a TPMS replacement Blyth.

What are the types of TPMS sensors?

A TPMS sensor can be of two types:

Direct TPMS

We mount the TPMS valve on the car wheels in this system. Hence, it accurately measures the air pressure level on each tyre. The measurement transferred to the control module analyses and displays real-time data. Further, when tyre pressure levels drop below the recommended limit, the TPMS warning light flashes on the car dashboard.

Indirect TPMS

In an indirect TPMS, we mount the speed sensors on the antilock braking system. Hence, any change in the pace of the wheel rotation gets transferred to the vehicle ECU. Next, the TPMS calculates the pressure and triggers the TPMS warning light.

We only do the Sensor stems part of tpms, indirect would be classed at a mechanical job.

We stock new sensors and stems (tpms valves) in our garage and mobile vans. we use Autogem Invicta products for tpms service, i spoke to our account manage and he said we can use their name on website too if thats ok.

Why choose us for TPMS replacement Blyth?

Experts at our facility refer to your vehicle handbook and suggest the best TPMS replacement solution per your driving needs and car specifications. Further, we replace the faulty or worn-out TPMS with OE-grade spares to ensure maximum safety and durability.

Hence, stop searching for ‘TPMS replacements near me’ and visit us today!

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