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Are you looking for Puncture Repairs for your vehicle?

Your car tyres can sustain damage from sudden air loss or heavy driving impacts. However, replacing the tyres can be a costly affair. Puncture repair, on the other hand, is a cost-effective alternative in this regard. This service will help you save costs on tyre replacements and provide a comfortable driving experience.

We, Mobile Tyres by Andy, are a reliable automobile service station providing dependable puncture repair Blyth at market-best rates. Our experts strictly abide by the government guidelines and perform all the recommended checks before conducting a puncture repair. Furthermore, to ensure maximum driving safety and optimal vehicle performance, we follow the BS-AU 159 puncture repair method to plug a damaged tyre.

You can end your search for ‘puncture repair near me’ with us. Call 07511 920756, and we will reach your location, whether it is your home address, workplace or roadside.

Why do you need a professional automobile facility for puncture repair?

Several DIY videos are available on the internet to help you repair a punctured tyre. However, this is an intricate process, and even the slightest error can cause irreparable damage to the tyre surface. Hence, get puncture repair performed at a reputed automobile service station like ours to ensure prompt and accurate results.

Our experts check the following parameters before conducting a puncture repair Blyth:

  • The tread depth of the tyre should not be less than 1.6mm.
  • The tyre should be free from exposed cords
  • There should be no damage to the main tread
  • Sidewalls of the tyre should be free of damage
  • The affected area should not be more than 6mm

About our puncture repair service

Our technicians implement the latest methods to conduct puncture repairs, comprising:

  • Plug
  • Patch
  • Plug and patch

The steps involved in this service are:

  • First, we remove the wheel assembly and identify the puncture location to mark it.
  • Next, we create a puncture channel using a carbide mill cutter, both on the tyre inside and outside of the tyre.
  • Then, we clean the affected area, ensure that it is free from dirt and debris, and mark the repair area as required.
  • We will put a vulcanising adhesive on the affected area and insert it through the channel. The experts will cut off the remaining stem of the rubber patch.
  • Finally, we will mount back the wheel assembly and check the tyre pressure level to ensure maximum safety.

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